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Registered Nurse | Licensed Professional Counselor | Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor
Roxanna Erickson-Klein PhD
Clinician | Author | Teacher
Dallas, TX 18 Mar 2017
Madrid, Spain 23 Apr 2017
Tlalnepantla (Mexico City), Mexico 26 May 2017
San Carlos, Mexico 8-10 Jun 2017
Tokyo, Japan 6-16 Oct 2017
Nante, France 24-25 Nov 2017
Reunion Island 29-30 Nov 2017
Roxanna Erickson Klein is a licensed professional counselor in private practice in Dallas, Texas. She is the seventh of eight children raised by Milton and Elizabeth Erickson. She has used Hypnosis throughout her professional career and currently teaches locally and internationally in addition to clinical work.
Licensed Professional Counseling (LPC)
  • Limited to the State of Texas. License #xxx
  • Sliding scale of fees
  • Home visits justified by need
  • Due to privacy laws, counseling is conducted face-to-face or by phone
  • $150/session
Life Coaching available by Skype or Phone as well as face to face sessions.
Coaching differs from Counseling in that it is non-diagnostic, does not deal with mental health concerns, and allows for more directed advice.
Sesssion Fee: $150
Roxanna works through the North Texas Society for Clinical Hypnosis with qualified individuals to achieve certification in Clinical Hypnosis.
Sesssion Fee: See NTSCH.ORG
Public Speaking
Roxanna works with local organizations to provide education regarding professional use of Clinical Hypnosis.
A regular schedule of international workshops are offered. These events are individually sponsored by professional training organizations. Preferences given to non-profits and accredited educational organizations. While Roxanna gets numerous inivitations, only a limited number are accepted.
Upcoming Workshops
Registered Nurse
Roxanna is a registered nurse with experience in various areas of clinical care. This wealth of background knowledge enhances her clinical skills for counseling.
Texas License # 445359
Session Fee: $150
Housecall Fee: $200
No Emergency Visits are Available.
2016 Fees
  • $150 per session (In-office, or online)
  • $150 per house call (Special cases only)
  • $2000 per day (Plus expenses) for workshops
  • Sliding scale and pro-bono available on a case-by-case basis.
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Contact Information
8330 Meadow Rd Suite 201A Dallas, TX 75231
Email: rericksonklein@gmail.com
Phone: 214-729-7937
Appointments available via Skype, Zoom & in-person.