Welcome to my home page.
This website is a work in progress, and my desire is that it continue to grow in direction that is useful to others.
I invite you to peruse the information materials that I offer whether you are here by accident, curiosity or looking for specific, and to contact me with any ideas or feedback.
If you wish to contact me:
   Phone: (214)-729-7937
   E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
   Office Address: 5445 La Sierra, Suite #103, Dallas, TX 75231
   Mailing Address: 6611 Hillcrest Ave Box 2B4, Dallas, TX 75205

Current Works:

Wizard of the Desert (Documentary Film): Filmed by documentarian Alexander Vesely. Released December 2013. Link. 
Planning a premiere opening in Phoenix AZ, Febuary 8th/9th 2014.

Engage the Group, Engage the Brain (Book): co-authored with Kay Colbert. Recently released. Info. (Buy it here)

Upcoming Workshops:

Ericksonian Approaches for the treatment of Chronic Pain, Live Webinar With the Centro Internazionale di Psicologia e Psicoterepia Strategica (Italy). With Mary-Ellen Bluntzer M.D. July 25th 2014. Mauro Cozzolino

Hypnosis and the Treatment of Chronic Pain Psychiatry Grand Rounds, Presbyterian Hospital, Dallas, Texas. With Mary-Ellen Bluntzer M.D. Aug 5th 2014.

Ericksonian Approaches to the Management of Pain: Mexico City, Mexico. With Mary-Ellen Bluntzer M.D. Sep 6-7 2014. For more information contact: tere@grupocem.edu.mx

Advanced Techniques in Ericksonian Hypnosis: Curitiba, Brazil. With Teresa Robles. Sep 11-14 2014. For more information contact: eric@instutoarmstrong.com.br

Ericksonian Approaches: Using Hypnosis in the Treatment of Chronic Pain: "Institut Français d’Hypnose" Paris, France. Nov 1-2 2014. For more information contact: antoine.bioy@ifh.fr or tservillat@gmail.com

Integrative Approaches to Therapy: An Ericksonian View: La Reunion Island. Nov 5-12 2014. For more information contact: Jean-Claude Lavaud

Collected Works of Milton H. Erickson at Brief Therapy Congress: Orange County, California. Milton H. Erickson Foundation. Dec 11-14 2014. Link.

Precongress Workshop: Internal Society of Hypnosis, Paris, France. Aug 26th 2015. For more information contact: Dr Claude Virot

Works in Progress:

Stop Smoking Now!: A single session, abstinence based hypnotic intervention. Evaluation in progress.

Monthly Hypnosis Training through the NTSCH (North Texas Society of Clinical Hypnosis): Date varies, check this site for the next date. Link.

Erickson Webinar: hosted by the Milton E. Erickson Institute of Tasmania. The conference is online only and began September 15th 2013. I  co-presented two hours of video on the topics of: "Pain and Neuroplasticity", and "The Intersection of Mindfulness and Hypnosis". Link.

Ericksonian Therapy; Encyclopedia of Theory in Counseling and Psychotherapy: Edited by Edward Neukrug, chapter co-authored with Dan Short. Sage Publication. 2014.